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Tell me, What is the Capital of Canada?

contact September 19th, 2014

Uh huh. I know you might be thinking that this website is Toronto-centric, sooooooooo Toronto, right? Duh, the obvious? Do you take me for a fool, you may be thinking. Your final answer is Toronto, you say?


The Capital of Canada is…. drum roll here …. OTTAWA!
tongue sticking out
I felt like being a brat today.

That is all.

The Art Bar

contact September 18th, 2014

art bar toronto
The Art Bar is well frequented in Toronto’s arts scene but hidden to the general tourist. What is it? The Art Bar is a space that is leased out to talented artists looking to showcase their work and the room is used nightly as a venue for poetry readings, film screenings, live music performances and the occasional DJ.

It is home to a variety of art and events at varying levels so you if show up without knowing what’s going on for the night, you may get anything from screaming performance artists to a more classic art exhibit. You never know and that is the beauty of this place. The crowd there is diverse so if you see some grannies or people over 30, and you can’t handle that (because you have some issues), check beforehand about what is going on. But really, people are people and it’s what’s INSIDE that counts so try to rid yourself of those shallow beliefs.

Surprise! If you’re looking to partake in some over 21 drinking, don’t expect that here. Go next door. I know it’s called an art BAR but oh well. Deal with that.

The Art Bar
1214 Queen Street West
Toronto M6J 1J6 Ontario
Phone: 416-531-4635

Note: The Art Bar Poetry Series is now held at Clinton’s, 693 Bloor Street West, by Christie subway station.

B&B for Vegetarians!

contact September 17th, 2014

les amis b and bDeep in the very heart of downtown Toronto, you might find some friends. Well perhaps, but at least you’ll definitely find Les Amis, a quaint and special kind of bed and breakfast. You will be welcomed by the owners, Paul Antoine and Michelle, an expatriated Parisian couple, and because of the location, you will have easy access to Toronto’s main attractions. In addition to this convenience, every morning you’ll be treated to an organic, gourmet vegetarian breakfast. (Vegan breakfasts are available as well upon request.) It can’t get better than this. If you stay for several nights or more, each day you will have a different breakfast, so things don’t get boring. How is that for service?

Les Amis
A Vegetarian Bed & Breakfast in Toronto /
Paul-Antoine & Michelle Buer
31 Granby St., Toronto, Ontario M5B 1H8 Canada.
Tel. (416)928-1348
Fax (416) 591-8546
Website and Rates (Canadian Dollars)

10 Free Things to Do in Toronto

contact September 16th, 2014

1. Allan Gardens – In the heart of downtown Toronto, you’ll be able to escape to wonderful Victorian Greenhouses, which will remind you that greenery DOES exist in a big city. Find some photos of Allan Gardens here.

2. Beaches – When thinking about Toronto, “beach” probably doesn’t come to mind but yes! There’s an area that can fill all your beach dreams albeit lake beach dreams.

3. Chinatown – How can you not visit the Chinatown? Grab a taste of lacquered duck or take in all the aromas of a place far, far away, but with the convenience of being right here in one of Canada’s most visited cities.

4. Don Valley – Nature lovers and active travelers will get a kick out of the bike paths, hiking trails and climbing areas of Don Valley.

5. Harbourfront Centre – Especially lively during the summer, the waterfront area if filled with live music and entertainment, festivals, kids camps and other activities that will keep you and your family busy and smiling.

6. Kensington Market – You’ll find this colorful of corner fruit stands, thrift stores and pubs, a fascinating meeting place for some of Toronto’s most interesting people. Every month the neighborhood blocks off the narrow streets for a Sunday afternoon festival celebrating the beauty of diversity with live music, dancing and food!

7. Riverdale Farm – Smack dab in the middle of Toronto’s Cabbagetown in the downtown area, is a 7.5 acre farm with wooded paths, flowered vegetable gardens and a variety of animals, including turkeys, ducks, geese, cows, horses, donkey, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens and rabbits. This is a great free opportunity to show your kids that chickens aren’t shaped like nuggets.

8. St. Lawrence Market and Market Gallery – Wander and visit, or just sit and people watch. The gallery space hosts changing art installations and exhibits of paintings, artifacts and furnishings that visually describe the history and culture of the area. Admission to the market and the gallery are free.

9. Toronto Islands – Check out the trails, picnic areas and beaches of the Toronto Islands. Explore the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse, or bask in the sun on the clothing-optional beach on the west side of Hanlan’s Point. For the sportif, baseball diamonds, volleyball courts and wading pools welcome you with open arms (if they had any).

10. Wednesdays at the Art Gallery of Ontario - 36,000 works of art in its collection, the AGO is gallery worth visiting. Wednesday evenings are free of charge between six and nine o’clock pm.

Chocoholics, this One’s For You

contact September 15th, 2014

dark chocolate tower toronto
Toronto’s most visited site is the CN Tower but did you know you can eat it too? Yes, of course you must have a huge appetite to eat it – and no, I’m not talking about eating the actual CN Tower, though you must go to the tower for this special treat.

The “Dark Chocolate Tower” dessert is to die for and you can find it at the CN Tower’s revolving restaurant appropriately named, “360.” Don’t worry if you’re prone to motion sickness. The rotation speed isn’t like your salad spinner. It’s so slow you might not ever notice that your absolutely spectacular view is changing as you devour your meal. It takes 72 minutes for the whole restaurant to make a complete rotation, just in case you were wondering. Also if you were wondering, the restaurant sits more than 1,150 feet above Toronto.

Reservations are recommended and can be made online or by calling 416-362-5411

360 Restaurant at CN Tower
301 Front Street West
Toronto, Ontario M5V 2T6

In the heart of Downtown Toronto, right in between the Rogers Centre and the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on Front Street, just north of Bremner Blvd.

More places to see

contact September 14th, 2014

If you’re like me and travel a lot i highly recommend to visit the world top cities so that you have a full global experience of the world. You can also find relaxing balneo places if you like water or sea shores.

Any bed and breakfast in canada ?

contact September 13th, 2014

I haven’t received a single bnb submission for this site, i came up with the conclusion that this site is a failure. Anyway i have met some people offering some really nice france luxury holidays on a barge. It’s quite pricey, but it seems lovely. You will travel through france on a barge and have a full crew at your service. Definitely worth checking.

Cool sites to see

contact September 12th, 2014

We haven’t had many submissions for bed and breakfast in toronto yet, but hopefully that will change. Remember that it is completely free! So just drop us an email and submit your BnB , we’ll be very happy to list it.
In the meantime you can visit some cool sites, if you’re a french canadian speaker, you can check the bijoux en perles from midori. You will also find good travelling information on info voyage.
If you are looking for some information in italian i highly recommend città migliori del mondo, a fabulous ressource for travelling around the globe.

First post!

contact September 11th, 2014

Welcome to this bed and breakfast site dedicated to the city of toronto. If you know about a cool place or own a b&b don’t hesitate to submit it to our site, we’ll be happy to talk about it!

All we need, is a little text about your BnB, and a couple of pictures, email them today to: contact @ midoritech . com

The best part is that it’s absolutely free!
In the mean time check out my other sites about defiscalisation or assurance vie , they could save you some serious taxes.

3 Concerts for $39 Each – Toronto Symphony Orchestra

contact September 10th, 2014

toronto symphony orchestra
From daily-free:

“Toronto Symphony Orchestra: 3+ Concerts for $39 Each, Best Available Seats
August 9th, 2009 Posted in RedFlagDeals The Now or Never sale for the Toronto Symphony Orchestra is on now at Until August 17th at 5PM EST, you can purchase tickets for 3 or more concerts in their upcoming season for $39 each per ticket. That’s certainly not the cheapest form of entertainment but for $39 you do get to choose from the best available seats in the house. As a bonus you’ll also get a free CD that highlights the upcoming season and an additional discount of 5% once the Now or Never sale is over.

What concerts can you choose from? Take a look at their 09.10 Season at a Glance brochure (PDF).

This deal Toronto Symphony Orchestra: 3+ Concerts for $39 Each, Best Available Seats was originally posted on – Your source for Canadian Deals, Free Coupons and Freebies.”

Painted Toronto Bus

Goose Poo Problem

contact September 7th, 2014

From upi:

“Dogs are now banned from Toronto’s Lake Ontario beaches but there remains a persistent problem of some 3,000 Canada geese defecating every few minutes.

Carol Guy of the City of Toronto’s Waterfowl Management Program said the recent ban of dogs is a small step toward reducing E. coli contamination along some 30 miles of the lakefront but the stubborn goose population that doesn’t migrate south for the winter is still a headache, the Toronto Sun reported.

“Each bird defecates every 6 minutes and that is approximately … 1 pound of goose poo every day,” Guy said. “You multiply that by 3,000 and it’s a considerable impact.”

The city has a program in which workers coat goose eggs with mineral oil to prevent them from hatching but Environment Canada waterfowl biologist Jack Hughes said it’s a losing battle.

“They’re definitely increasing,” he told the Sun. “We’ve estimated presently that they’re increasing at about 8 percent per year.”

Some 1,300 geese were captured, caged and relocated by trucks from city parks last year, and the city also pays a woman with four trained dogs to herd the flocks away from beaches, the report said.”

Louis Vuitton Graffiti

contact September 5th, 2014

louis vuitton graffiti
This is from viewonfashion:

The Louis Vuitton ad campaign for the Stephen Sprouse collection is really amazing, and it´s a great branding tool too. All around the world, LV shops are using graffiti to promote this long-awaited collection which is already a big sales hit.

To promote the launch of the Louis Vuitton book that pays tribute to Stephen Sprouse, they´ve got legendary graffiti artist Skam to paint an LV mural in Toronto.

Edgar Wright in Toronto

contact September 4th, 2014

From twitch:

“Rejoice, Toronto film fans! Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz director Edgar Wright has taken up residence here in our fair city and is soon to be taking over the Bloor Cinema with a series of hosted screenings. What’s he bringing? Well, on Saturday, February 28th Wright will be hosting a night of his own work, screening a double bill of Shaun and Fuzz along with an uncut version of his Grindhouse trailer Don’t. The only thing missing is A Fistful Of Fingers, don’t hold out on us Edgar! How to follow that up? Well, the very next day Wright will be presenting – both on 35 mm – a double bill of Shaolin Soccer and legendary gore-fu flick The Story of Ricky! Pig entrails on the big screen! Hurray! As for the rest of the series, there’s still a slot or two to be filled, but here’s the list as it currently stands:

Mar. 8th: 7pm The Wanderers / 9:30pm – The Warriors
Mar. 14th: 9:45pm – Head
Mar. 15th: 7pm Dames / 9pm – Phantom of the Paradise TBC
Mar. 22nd: 5pm – Spaced Marathon TBC
April. 5th: 7pm Five Fingers Of Death TBC/ 9:30pm Drunken Master 2
April 12th: 7pm The Brood / 9pm Last Night “

Best Poutine in Toronto?

contact September 3rd, 2014

Head over to to find out. Here’s an excerpt:

poutine in toronto
“There’s a new fast food eatery in town! Their name is Smoke’s Poutinerie and poutines are the only thing you will find there. The poutine lovers (me, crazyDiva, and tooVee) drove all the way downtown to check it out. We had high expectations for their poutine since it was the only dish they specialized in. After spending 10 minutes hunting down a parking spot, we hopped out of the car with big smiles on our faces, excited for the worst combination of grease you can ask for.

Strategically placed in the heart of the entertainment district (218 Adeladie Street W.), they are open until 4:00 am for drunks to get fat on after their night of…”

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